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A good politician is someone who is not afraid to make a stand for what is right. They are not concerned about what pandering politicians think of them because they do not exist to please the powers that be. That is who Marianne Williamson is.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Bernie and will take Liz if the Dems undermine democracy again. However, as someone who personally knows the power of love to cast out hate and fear, I have nothing but admiration for Marianne Williamson, the truth-telling zero fucks giving Goddess that she is.

On the morning after the second Dem debate, I realized all the people on Twitter who mocked Marianne Williamson have something in common. They have absolutely no idea what love is, but it is not their fault since we live in a society where love is regulated to our closest, most intimate relationships.

Love is seen as something we are lucky to have, not do, and Marianne is right. Only love can heal hate and fear, and America would be wise to listen since it is literally falling apart due to the absence of unity in the name of love.

Everything going wrong with the world is caused by one thing: Not enough love. For what is war, injustice, racism, greed, intolerance, hate, poverty, rape, suicide, animal cruelty, trophy hunting, and dumping our garbage in oceans but irrefutable evidence that the world could do with a lot more love?

Love on a global scale is as rare as rocking horse droppings and only happens after catastrophes, but it can heal the world if we let it. Here are just a few examples of what will happen when more people take love seriously and demand that the people representing them in their governments do the same:

  • Love bans all military weapons; it does not waste money waging endless wars or sell arms to those who do

  • Love provides the poor with decent housing, employment, education, and training; it does not demonize them

  • Love puts psychopaths and the greedy in jail for their crimes against humanity, wildlife, and the planet; it does not give them ‘Get out of Jail Free’ cards

  • Love switches to cleaner, safer renewable sources of energy; it does not send poor people to war to die for oil

  • Love teaches the truth of oneness to cure haters of the illusion of separation; it does not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or any excuse to hate

  • Love locks up pedophiles for life, it does not give them a pass, even when they are priests

  • Love carefully monitors the care and development of youths in care homes; it does not let them fall into the hands of sexual predators

  • Love respects life in all its stages; it does not tolerate the abuse of the elderly in or out of nursing homes

  • Love sends addicts to rehab and trains them in something they enjoy doing, then makes sure they earn a living wage; it does not send people to jail for non-violent ‘crimes’ like prostitution, smoking a weed, or for stealing things like winter coats and food

  • Love preserves and protects the environment for future generations; it does not let greedy people rape Earth so they can hoard more money

  • Love teaches people to police themselves; it does not allow anyone to terrorize others and call it law enforcement

  • Love makes sure workers receive a living wage for the most precious thing they have, their time; it does not make them work an 80-hour week only to require food stamps and Medicaid

  • Love does not tolerate broken systems; it fixes or replaces them

  • Love does not cure diseases for profit, it prevents them

  • Love does not deny a child a hot lunch. Ever.

  • Love knows all forms of life are sacred and treats them accordingly; it does not think one species is more important than another

  • Love sees everyone, regardless of their color, gender, sexuality, or religion as equals; it does not bestow human rights on a select group of individuals.

The above can serve as an outline for a much-needed planetary love manifesto. It belongs to everyone and anyone can contribute. If you have suggestions, amendments or something to add, contact the author and they will be added to this article.

When we finally agree love is the answer we will no longer be content to have it confined to a few holidays a year. Hopefully, one day soon, love will no longer be just about giving roses and chocolates on a certain day, because, Voltaire was right when he said ‘Love is the instrument of our salvation’.

While the other candidates talked about policies, Marianne talked about love, which needs to be the backbone of every policy moving forward if we are to survive the times.

Too many American people think there is something more important than love, so if Marianne does not get the nomination I hope the next admin will create a new position in her honor her: Ambassador of Universal Love. It’s a tough but joyous job, and someones like Marianne Williamson has got to do it.

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