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Somewhere in the past turn of the globe I became a Director of Popperations at a popcorn and porkrind stand in Bristol TN. Fun times!

Posted Thu Feb 22 23:20:56 2018

...find in your memory a child.

Stop for a minute to explore

what that child feels about the subject.

Then let the child say it loud and certain

again and again

beaming and glaring

until it's done.

Posted Thu Feb 22 04:22:54 2018

I could rave about the pre-shunk soft wool sweater.

I would speak quite publicly about it if you knew me any better.

Instead tho, I wish I knew the name

of this young dame.

I'd sing about the hottie,

an outspoken young stranger complaining 'bout her body.

Shame is something she brought to free clothes

(in five or ten minutes as these things goes)

I wanted to help her to see

She carries the grace of Alicia Keys.

I wanted to say whatever is weighing down your bum

is no reason to get size extra large considering you are medium.

I hope you get to continue your college

and find friends who tell you "flaunt it"

I hope you have self knowledge

and stop letting shame taunt it.

Your 80's funk should make you proud of thee.

And never shrink or cower in this "clothing ministry."

Posted Tue Feb 20 18:20:26 2018

"Gotta love those McDowell Street people. All of those people still hanging out their clothes." Someone said one day. When asked about actual names, there drew a blank.

Young girls have picked them everyone.

Oh, when will they ever learn?

Oh, when will they ever learn?

Posted Tue Feb 20 18:05:53 2018


dapple on my neck

sun kissed nose.

I spend a day

in the sun

outside in February.

Digging bulbs

planting stolen


No crime as noble

as spending

in the sun.

Posted Tue Feb 20 13:22:32 2018

The devout among us call it by the name on its door - the Clothing Ministry, while the rest of us just refer to the warehouse of free clothing in Bristol VA as the "free clothes."

Regardless of what we call it, I have decided to go there this morning for my fashion needs. It's been at least six months since the last time I went there. I can't wait. I will post about my finds.

I am down to my literal last dollar this month since I paid a 400 dollar enrollment fee for my Graduate school. I read once that most people in the middle class today don't have an extra 400 dollars for a rare or unexpected occurrence like a dental problem or a car break down. Somehow I magically am able to live extremely below the poverty level, yet I can pay the fee. Magic!

The money disappears one way or the other. Personally I like choosing education.

As my beloved sister pointed out the other day, there have been lots of essays lately about how people are throwing away money to get higher degrees nowadays. My sister says she always thought the more education and travel you can get seems to enrich the life.

Up until a couple days ago I was chatting pretty heavily with a man in India who ended up wanting me to convince my siblings to give him money. That was my limit. So now I am not chatting with him anymore.

I went to my Cali brother about that relationship. My brother reminded me of something. He didn't know it. But all of this, these days have reminded me of something.

Family matters a lot to me. The reason has always been vague as "we share histories" or "they don't ditch me when it gets tough."

I have been with this stomach bug lately, lost 7 pounds in 4 days, regained 2 finally when my body remembered to be resilient.

I have had people in the world try to worm their way into my family's intelligence, through me, the obvious weak link. A family got so close to me I almost thought they were family. But they threatened my Tennessee brother and repeatedly asked me what he did for a living like their lives depended on knowing.

I drew the line then, again, knowing that family is important to me.

My mother is stretching her income for me so I can go to grad school. We live together and our beans and rice are bought together. She says I am "earning my kombucha" but I am not sure. Yesterday I help a lot in the garden. We salvage the bulbs from an abandoned house. Noble seeds.

Sometimes distance helps a part of the family. I remember when my Dad went to DC the first time and we had to start catching up on the phone. It also meant making a high school me talk. That was incredible. Still to this day my father is a sounding board for me.

No family actually matters more than "a lot." If I had a crappy family, that would be one thing, but I don't.

I lucked out on family.

Posted Tue Feb 20 12:36:11 2018

May your relationships be sustainable

and symbiotic.

Posted Wed Feb 14 13:35:25 2018

In the rain

you can see

the flattened feathers

of vultures.

Sometimes bent

like the handles

of umbrellas

didn't work enough.

Today I see

a favorite musician

so near my home

it is a treasure.

These little free

wonders of being

here and now

of being who I am.

Today the big truck

of a neighbor

puts on his breaks

too late.

Thank goodness

I am on the sidewalk

walking back

from that concert.

It can be amazing

how mood can

shift from elation

to busted in one assault.

For me it was not the truck

but something

I read

on religion.

Walk careful tho.

Trucks are flying along

putting breaks on late

to make a macho point.

You may

lift voice

only so loud

against them.

Posted Mon Feb 12 17:41:55 2018

Don't be afraid of the city, little girl.

Keep running around with your shirt off forever.

Men and urban places can swallow their shame.

Never stop being brave.

Posted Sun Feb 11 14:43:56 2018

Lock the doors.

Put barriers around your moats and moat your fences.

Draw the bridge and withdraw into deep numbness.

But your heart withers that way.

So maybe just leave the roof open for my helicopter.

Posted Sun Feb 11 14:36:28 2018