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Nightmare, you are not my reality. I do not hate you. I know you came because you feel fear and pain. I am lying here in the same bed now. I've decided to pair the bad memory of the nightmare with an actually quite peaceful experience of resting, warm and cozy, with the dog cuddled at my feet. I hear her deep breathing in and out. It is wet out and autumnally chilly. Nightmare, you elicited fear that I am not wanted. But my meditation guru shared something with me so maybe others enjoy me still. I will let my good exchange with her sit next to you, like a dog at your feet, a companion balled next to you, a friend for you, to keep you balanced. May you be free from suffering and the cause of your suffering. May you be filled with compassion.

Posted Sun Oct 14 16:37:29 2018

Broad is the land

stretched between protective banks

rows of porches

Southern streets

locust trees

catalpa trees

bended knees

the gardeners prays for their country.

All of them do.

Rows of gardeners

pop up across thick meadows

pushing plows and lawn mowers.

Some kill weeds.

Most pour sparse water o're the dirt.

Humanity is a garden of gardeners.

Sometimes for money.

More often to feel the playful quality.

People gardening

with little terriers digging parallel holes.

Every few moments the pause for breath.

The Earth can lie fallow for long stretches.

So much need for rain.

So much rain.

We all live in the most beautiful spot

from Timbuktu to Kabul to Helsinki to Bristol.

Posted Sat Oct 13 16:41:14 2018

Brazen got her stitches removed a couple days ago. A big improvement from spewing blood everywhere, my pup's paw pad is still a fragile state, so we still use either a head e collar cone or a boot.

I need to invest in some gloves or dig in the basement and go out in the back alleys picking up glass. I never broke bottles but it is irresponsible to expect the people who throw their trash around to clean up after themselves.

I am pretty sure it is not a universal understanding, the bond shared between a pet and their human. Of course they are our favorite family members. I would do anything for my puppy. So I am glad she's getting better.

Posted Sat Oct 13 10:57:36 2018

When I'm 27

I finish college

with babies.

School of minnows.

School of thought.

School employs leisure.


the babies

turn 27.

I look back

wishing I had

bubble wrapped them kindly.

Posted Sat Oct 13 10:48:48 2018

Last night I dream of a boy I once knew.

I knew him when he was eight and I was 17.

Mutual family friends rarely seen.

I build a wall around the world

so he can play forever free.

But it blocks migratory corridors of song birds.

They start dropping to our feet.

We're torn between rescuing them

and fearing disease.

I wake up missing the nineties

then drift back to sleep

to a land I can control.

Brick by brick I tare down the wall

and build shelters with the leftover bricks

to house the homeless people

in my mind.

Kid must be 27 now.

Not a kid.

Someone who saves orcas for a living.

You never know the impression you are making.

Posted Sat Oct 13 10:43:29 2018

October stretches wide.

Windows sealed up to keep the cold out.

Flocks passing above chimneys.

Grannies tucked in bed much later.

Pups huddled at their feet.

Marigold seeds scattering.

Posted Sat Oct 13 10:29:54 2018

Is there a land where everyone is purple?

And what does it mean to be purple?

What is regular or typical?

Can everyone be purple

or just shades of red and blue?

Posted Sat Oct 13 10:23:10 2018

I have four bumper stickers left, though I think Charlotte agreed to take one. So three more lucky people get these:

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The producer, MJ Helmer, who did the voice for Anne Lamont in Bird by Bird, has agreed to read my memoir Moody Tourist in Costa Rica. So that will be upcoming.

A few of my new books on kindle and paperback are unreviewed as of yet. I would love to have you read and review these books. The new books include two poetry collections, Sow's Ear Children, and Chronology.

Posted Fri Oct 12 10:26:02 2018

Facebook is a "shit fest." This is a fact of life, and it could easily be said about Twitter too. But going online can bring a feeling of connection, understanding, and expression. I have been itching to read blogs but I don't always know where to find the good ones. Plus there are forums and places to connect online of intrigue. I hope to make a lengthy list. In fact I am going to look up some of the blogs of my favorite writers and use this as a personal directory for myself. If any of my readers will add in the comment section your favorite blogs, or just places you like to connect at online, I would really love to grow my list that way.

blogging and reading blogs Convert your kindle books to audiobooks, get free promo codes for audible.


Patchwork/ scuttlebutt

Dating websites.

Posted Thu Oct 11 13:41:51 2018

We don't live on poor street, but it wouldn't be a long walk

from here. The oldest car on our street was replaced

by the newest one. I know these homes; it is so easy to love

their bones. You can paint the walks or hang a witch,

but you can't remove the home from the house. A house

is a home. The empty home across from where we inhabit

has a chimney habitat for swift birds, swooping down.

When first I saw your home, I knew it must be worthy.

But when I saw the house across the drive, I did not know

its story. So it took some time before I saw the beauty

in the suburbs. Beauty is heart. Beauty is a tug on the strings

of emotion. That's why beauty can take narrative to know.

That is why I know you know my home is home beautiful.

You who have trusted your way through my back alley with me

and trespassed your way behind my paw ways

back to my home. I know you loved my home.

I know you loved my beautiful home, because beauty takes love.

"Am I beautiful?" Loosely translates: Do you love me?

"Is my home beautiful?" Means: Do you understand me?

These things take practice, a rested heart,

a belief in the emotional bed of life.

Posted Mon Oct 8 01:29:29 2018