Maggie Hess @MaggieHess16 · 15m Even more important than the fact my world will change with @marwilliamson I am increasingly convinced that My Own Heart will evolve with #Marianne2020 #Marianne #MarianneWilliamson Change begins In US.

Maggie Hess @MaggieHess16 · 45m In #MarianneWilliamson #Marianne2020 's followers, I feel a True sense of Belonging. I would Love to meet in person. I can only Dream of what it would be like for the whole country to decide she was for them! How the World would look then!

Maggie Hess @MaggieHess16 I came to a love of Bernie in my heart last time around. Why should I not decide on a political leader from deep in my heart this time around? Quote Tweet

Nik Martin @Nikkima65174561 · 8h What a beautiful way to protest fear. Thank you. (link:… 6:16 AM · Jul 4, 2019 · Twitter Web App