No one needed to wonder 'who's going to walk Tobin now?'

Though his bladder has gotten so old,

no one wondered,

but I guessed.

I envisioned.

I dreamed

of Ken who always seemed to be followed

by a procession of dogs,

in the holler through his life,

I knew when Ken went off,

he'd probably find his way to Tobin

on that side

as living minds that are like tend to cluster together.

I have friends on the other side,

hanging out by a willow and a stream,

with more cats than most can count,

and so pleasant dogs,

in the happy hunting ground,

where the people have also gathered.

Dogs are creatures made for man's company to keep,

in life,

and later,

I think we follow them to the other side.

Calypso and Baker are there too.

Even George.

So many good dogs,

over there our Percy has befriended Mary Oliver's.

Where endless fields of phlox grow wild

and the mind can visit anytime.