The question has come up in my thoughts about whether I would really be a good teacher if I had a whole class of students. It would not be one on one or 2 or 3 on one, like my Learning Center job. That is one big difference. Another thing to recognize is that I get overwhelmed sometimes and then I am not good at instructing or giving super clear articulate answers. I think. Also, it wouldn't just be 4 hours at a time, it would be a whole long day. Today I had a great day at the Learning Center. I tutored 2 children, and each of them were super engaged and interested and with positive attitudes. My positive experience doing what I am doing could skew how I look at my aptitude to do what I might want to do. Teaching is entirely different than tutoring for a center. I find it is easier to work with students with good attitudes like the 2 I had today, but I doubt all of my students as a full time teacher would have good attitudes. Some of the challenges I have encountered as a tutor would be amplified if I had 16 students rather than 3. There was a little boy who was jumping up and down in his seat. On a good day, I would have known exactly what to do to get his fidgets out (stand up and wiggle for a while to get it out of his system likely) but I zoned out somehow and forgot he was wiggling for a reason, and I think it detracted from our session. What if I zoned out for 16 students?

I also have something else on my mind about this that is not currently a determining factor, but since it is floating around in my mind, I feel I should mention it. Have you noticed this new trend with school shootings where the kids are fighting to defend themselves? It started last week with North Carolina and now Colorado. I call it a trend because it is clear to me that this happening 2 times in one week is a trend. (Correct me if I got that wrong.) And where there are 2 there will inevitably be 3. And where there are 3, 4. How will good parents equip their kids in discussions about hero-ship and self defense at the possible loss of life? It is a drastic new age we are living in. I really kind of think all school should be canceled until all the guns are melted away, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Things used to be so simple.