I feel I have a magic for tutoring. I still feel it after a few weeks. I quit about 20 jobs because they were not right for me. Not I found a job just perfect and my duty is to treasure it.

I haven't written a lot of criticism about Anonymous LC lately or rewritten the Center into my own creation. This is largely true because I am just doing the best I can in the given role, and making my own thing out of the pre-fabricated wheel of sorts.

For example, today there was the cutest 1st grader I ever saw. She kept petting my fuzzy hat, and I felt like I was a purring cat. ;) She informed me about the serious hard work involved in the first grade. "They put numbers on our tests, and we have to wait 10 days for summer!!!" The hardship in that statement could be laughed at, but in a child's life, it also is very real. We adults understand true joy only through knowing how it feels to fall and to fail. We need to be able to compare the pain with the glee. These concerns raised by this sweet girl are as bad as it might have ever gotten for this girl. I want her to continue to feel the joy she knows which is true and beautiful, and to protect her from the low numbers on her tests.

The other day I had a different girl, a kindergärtner, who seemed like I didn't know what all was going on with her, like there was something she was trying to heal already. A hardship at home maybe, a source of worry. I want to give her a sheltered place to come and learn her letters, a place without worry at all.

There is this awesome high school girl who I get to work with on test prep. I am convinced she is doubling her correct answers on my watch. The college preparatory tests are among the most important tests anyone can take. I am certain this student can place into any college she wants. My fingers are crossed for her!

I keep working on writing with this one high school boy. I am seeing him grow how much he writes and return to edit some of the content. I am proud of him.

I am so glad for this opportunity!