I had to rewrite my educational business model today to change the title from narcissist mode to incorporating Creativity. So now I am calling it The Contagious Learning Method.

The Contagious Learning Method

Other than removing my name from the title, though, I am keeping the first entry on initial ideas about motivation and confidence, because those still stand true.

At Contagious Learning, we take special emphasis in the hiring of stable, level headed, reformed institutionalized nut jobs. Now, I say that with an element of humor, but there is truth to it because the founding writer who taps out these words is tapping into her creative madness as she formulates this educational plan.

In fact, today I was sitting in Anonymous Learning Center, completing the Writing Teacher Tutorial on the computer, and I had this revelation that I am amazingly landing into a job of writing teacher which is my dream in life that I never even thought I would get to. So talk about gratitude. I sat there doing the Tutorial, suddenly overwhelmed with joy that I get to do my greatest aspiration of what I ever thought I could have as a career. I never had preference regarding age of my Writing students. And even though the main emphasis in Anonymous is not on creative writing, I have built a new word that I am using that embeds creative somewhere in between the i's. (wriCREATIVEting)

All writing is Creative Writing. I learn that today when I got to observe a writing session that my favorite coworker was conducting with a teenaged boy. Before she started, I questioned him about writing. I tried the method I wrote about in entry one, and actually, it has undergone some development since then. Some students don't see a point in writing. This boy was autistic which with lack of exact rules was making that extra true. While I had a solo moment with the boy, I tried to persuade him gently about the benefits of writing mastery. All the college classes require essays and he wants to go to college. I wanted him to find a purpose in the writing. Interestingly, when the main teacher returned, she got off on a bit of a tangent on Alien life because her capstone paper in college was recently on Aliens. I was amazed when she said she actually turned that paper in, and that it even ended up making a stellar good grade.

Meanwhile, the boy seemed super happy to have his mind wander momentarily from the task at hand (diagramming some fiction.)

I included the boy's writing in the conversation, turning to him and saying, "Would you like to write something along those lines?" For the first time the answer that rose from this stubborn writing resister was a resounding "yes!"

The Contagious Learning Method involves a vast level of going with the flow to the point it makes some non-student parental entities uncomfortable, until they witness the growth.

From that moment, I started thinking about my personality as one of my contagious attributes, and I would add that the the main teacher has a ton of contagion at hand, writing her scholarly thesis on something so thrilling it makes any child smile.

It is not a constant grin machine, but the smile should be present a good 30% of the learning process for optimal growth. Sometimes we smile in odd places. :) Like little emotions on our paper or embedded into our writing. I don't believe that learning has to be fun all of the time, but fun is the sign of an engaged mind, so if found it should be ceased and magnified.

Another big part of learning though, is slowly by surely building the structures block by block. I got to do that with a second grader later with the hilarious bipolar granny teacher.
I hope to describe her brilliance in greater degrees later, but the boy I was sitting with showed a concentrated nervousness in the beginning which I was happy to see lift. Gradually, by the end of the lesson, he gladly received my offer of spelling help.

Helping a child spell, despite defeating the creative accident, is actually something I view as holding great potential for future creativity, so it is also considered useful and worth my contagious time.

I can't wait to be the main teacher. I am holding back quite a bit, sitting on the side lines of training still. Soon knowledge will shoot out of me like magic arrows straight into the student's brains. But I haven't told you everything about that refined art yet.

Slowly but surely, and in measured steps as with all of writing.

And as with creativity, I am diving in with my fullness of being, and taking this job so seriously, the insanity of my method is bound to produce A's and future playwrights, poets, and authors.