Right after I graduated from Berea, something symbolic and supernatural happened to me. Up until now, I only mentioned that it happened to L and R who owned my home at the time. I went to the reservoir to swim by myself which is something I have done a few other times since I am a confident swimmer. I swam out to the middle of the reservoir and tread some water in the center of the water body before starting back to my car. Out of the blue, this thing happened where the waters kept growing in front of me. The expanse between me and the car grew and grew as I paddled forward. It sounds hokey but it wasn't in my head. Maybe it was the Universe sending me a lesson. I don't know. All that I knew then was that I am a talented, skilled swimmer, but I had to break through a parallel universe to make any progress at all. I swam and I swam, but I did not move one inch. I have swum distances before. It was not me being impatient or miscalculating how quickly I could swim. It is like there was a rope tied around my waste holding me in spot in the water. It was like the Universe said to me, graduating will not be your final hurdle in life. Life will have many battles. You have the inner resources you need to fight through this, to get past the parallel universe and onto dry land, but you must fight with all your might. And I clearly did.