If you have HBO, I recommend checking out Leonardo DiCaprio's new Climate Change documentary, Ice on Fire. Today you can see it at 3:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, and a few other times: HBO (East) Today, 6:50 PM, HBO (West) Tomorrow, 5:20 PM, HBO2 (East) Tomorrow, 8:20 PM, HBO2 (West) Sun, 6/16, 8:55 AM HBO (East) (all times are EST). Also, if you are like me and have wifi and a computer, you an stream it right now for free. I just watched it this morning and am feeling hopeful and ready to do something about its message. It presents numerous solutions to climate change that go vastly beyond my Environmental Science studying of 15 years ago, so I am glad for the new science. I learned about biochar and marine snow and Tidal Energy in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, about the EMEC converting sea water to electricity, about bionic leaves which create anything from plastics to drugs without releasing CO2, to add to PV solar and wind.

My response to this wonderful film is that there were just four "real people" in the film. I loved the film, and find it necessary and well done, but I have a suggestion for the future filmmakers. We ordinary people need to see more than four non-scientists/hyper-successful innovators in a film like that. (I counted one African American organic gardening spokesperson in Los Angeles, two firemen in California, and one fisherman in New England as my somewhat common people in this film.) What I want is for someone to make a film that inspires the masses to do all that we can in our backyards and small businesses to defeat climate peril. I know it is a generalization and perhaps a bit insulting to say just 4 of these people were "real," but I am saying it out of wanting something better in the next film. I would give the film 5 stars, but this is how the next film could be brilliant and future worthy.

I want to see a film that interview the people in Detroit who are gardening in empty blocks, I want to see a film that shows what the low budget, small scale, ordinary person can do. In "Ice on Fire" DiCaprio states that we all are needed to do our part and save the blue globe, so I suggest somebody makes a documentary chock full of simple ways we can all act to save the world not just the super scientists of the world.