Visit the above link to learn about patreon and to see my posting on this membership platform. It is not like crowdfunding but allows you to invest in me as a person, artist, and poet. It will be there as long as I want, so don't feel you have to break the bank right now. But if you can help ever, I really would love to know I could live off my own creativity.

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$0 of $50 per month I am spending the next 2 months without working. Instead I am working on and completing a creative project. It will be complete September 1. It is a series of sketches, paintings, and brief poetry on post it notes. I also hope to frame and back them. You are making this possible, or at least 50 dollars is helping a lot. 1 of 3 I created this page a while back and am just realizing that I should talk about it more. My story is that of a creative, struggling to survive off of a disability income that may likely soon be cut. My art tends to be rough edged sketches with wabi sabi resonance and/or intrinsic humor, such as my silhouette series, which are emotional blobs of color in the form of animals. My poems tend to be brief, often haiku length, but also mental illness memoir, seeded with an empowering strife against serial quitting, surrounded by a rind of natural beauty. My blog, is updated regularly at this current time. I need to pay to keep the blog afloat and am currently owing the blog platform creator for it and my lack of material funds is part of my fight and the wabi sabi element of beauty in my art and writing. If you know me, if you are at all drawn to my story for any reason, one dollar would buy a new pencil, five dollars could really pay for a load of gas. I also have books available on Audible and Kindle.
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