/Too Much

Too much,

you are the three batches of new clothes

I ended up with after two friends downloaded.

I want you, too much,

and I need space.

Too much,

you give me such guilt,

for civilization is surely ending

too soon for the children of this Earth,

and too much,

you hang bold and proud and beautiful

in my open closet,

and I only really need about 7 of you,

but I have about 40 now.

Too much,

I have been trying hard not to want you,

to take you in and call you my own.

But how fortunate am I to have two large figured friends

in two weeks in a world lacking community.

Too much

you are a gift

and my therapist said guilt is not my friend.

Too much

I must learn to be thankful for you,

a puzzle I am still wrapping around.