Kamala Harris has been exposed for her mixed voting record. According to the New York Times, Harris refused to instate camera use by officers. She didn't support legal use of recreational marijuana until last year. She fought to uphold wrongful convictions that included evidence tampering and withholding information about a technician's wrongdoings. A judge condemned her indifference to wrongdoing, and her sort of prosecution leads to wrongful convictions. She arrested parents of children whose children were habitually truant, despite the fact it affected children of color more than others. If you are looking for a centrist president with questionable history as a prosecutor, maybe vote for Kamala Harris, but if you want a progressive, I suggest voting for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

That said, I am thanking my lucky stars for Kamala Harris because someone needed to knock Biden down a peg. Last night, Kamala blamed Biden's political willingness to work with segregationists and bipartisanship that led to the ban of busing integration. Biden was in favor of segregationist elements. Biden is also as establishment as it gets, and he is not at all worthy of the Democratic Nomination, so I am very happy that he got stampeded by Kamala Harris. And by the way, when an African American woman calls out a white man (or woman) the white person had better be taking notes. So I am hoping Kamala Harris ended Biden's career, though sadly, I am afraid his crew of establishment voters who see him and think of Obama will not be able to discern enough to make the right decision.

But here's hoping Bernie rises higher in the polls thanks to Kamala Harris.