Wish I had a picture of what happened. Yesterday, Brazen chased a mother duck who was skirting away from her scurrying ducklings into a cold, polluted pond, and Brazen had never swum before. I saw her disappear on the other side of the bank, and it took me a minute to run over and try to save her from what I thought might be her not knowing how to swim. It took a minute for me to realize what had happened. But I ran over and there was the duck near her in the water defending and hissing for her life. But Brazen kept kicking towards the duck. I didn't want the ducklings to lose their mother so I screamed and screamed to get Brazen to come back, but she wouldn't listen. Finally Mom, who must have been self conscious about my screeching my head off in public asked Brazen to return, and Brazen reluctantly did. Brazen has never acted out in this way before, but she loved it and when we got home she fell quick to sleep to somehow return to the time and place in her mind. Naughty Brazen! But it was fun to watch her snap into a hunter!