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I have a style which is rustic, expressive, emotional, and wabi sabi. To use the words of Leonard Koren, this style of beauty is becoming extinct. He goes on to compare a tea hut that he comes across to a big white plastic umbrella. That is the world in which we live.

On this historic day of the moon landing, I am conducting a scientific experiment upon myself. I am discontinuing use of computer and phone to live in the world where and when I actually am, forever.

I am quitting using these devices, and pouring my creativity into making Koan Field Guides. Koan Field Guides are my way of teaching what I know to the world. The first one I am currently working on is Back to the Land Field Guide. I happen to have grown up in the Back to the Land movement, a child of two Back to the Land farmers who moved to Washington County, Virginia in pursuit of pacifist farming communities.

Finding only pastures and weeds, they made their own sort of pacifist farms.

So I am currently signing off, and going to make that guide, and the ones to follow: Field Guides to Creativity, Haiku, Wabi Sabi, Neighborhoods, and Porches.

Won't you help my creative efforts?

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