Since graduating from Berea College with an English degree in 2012, I have been working as a Research Assistant for a Contemplative Writing Professor, contemplating my future. But just last week I started serving in another part time role, a tutor. Suddenly I am overcome by clarity that my calling in life is in teaching English and Writing. The experiences I have had in English, Writing, and Publishing have been a great gift. I have been blessed with the opportunity to shelve books in a bilingual library in Costa Rica, to be published over 50 times, to self publish myriad chapbooks, to overcome mental illness through journaling and blogging, and to work as an intern in a Quaker center. My literacy skills have been paramount in every experience and chance that I have been given. I find myself in a place of emphatic goal formation. I have been serving for one week at the Learning Center, and find myself writing up a learning philosophy on the side. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as a writing tutor, and doing this is the thing that tells me I will not let anything stand in between me and being a future English teacher. I am so dead certain that I need to teach grades 6-12 English, to give others the great opportunities that exists for each of us by virtue of being English speakers, and to empower other creative writers to share their excitement for writing. Literacy has gotten me to where I am. I have been very grateful for a huge exploration period of my life. Now I am hunkering down in career with a clear direction and plan.