I could rave about the pre-shunk soft wool sweater.

I would speak quite publicly about it if you knew me any better.

Instead tho, I wish I knew the name

of this young dame.

I'd sing about the hottie,

an outspoken young stranger complaining 'bout her body.

Shame is something she brought to free clothes

(in five or ten minutes as these things goes)

I wanted to help her to see

She carries the grace of Alicia Keys.

I wanted to say whatever is weighing down your bum

is no reason to get size extra large considering you are medium.

I hope you get to continue your college

and find friends who tell you "flaunt it"

I hope you have self knowledge

and stop letting shame taunt it.

Your 80's funk should make you proud of thee.

And never shrink or cower in this "clothing ministry."