My day sucked. I let it. I wanted to do better, but I was a sucky teacher today, and couldn't get certain students to sit to learn, and meanwhile called the 15 year old boy the name of the 8 year old, and visa versa. Doesn't seem bad? That was the icing on the cake.

Another angle to this is that in my commute and dreaming I have been spending every spare penny I have, so what is the point of the job? What a bummer that here I am on week 2, starting from scratch with my savings, lesson plans, ego, and in my free time, I feel this unsavory feeling that I can't even do right by my own dog. I've been enlisting a 76 year old granny to fill in as dog mom, and in the process my bonding time is all slighted, I haven't got enough exercise, and my poor puppy is a bit off.

Will tomorrow be better?