Choosing life is not a privilege reserved by shame faced women and bossy cult-ish male leaders, standing out side of women's clinics with actual baby dolls in strollers to make some point.

I chose life, but I think choice should be for women and politicians should not decide what women do with our bodies, but that is not what I was going to write about.

Recently I read a miserable, horrible, no good statistic that made me deeply depressed for a minute at least. That people of my diagnosis have a lifespan that is decreased by 17.5%.

Maybe risky decisions among people like me have taken some lives, but when I read the statistic, I knew the subject mainly was probably the increased likelihood for suicide.

Suicide is one boundary that I know I never will cross. I know I never will kill myself. I simply am blessed that my mental cycles have never really went in that direction, and I know I have the systems needed to keep that from happening.

So do I get the full 100 years?

It's just a puzzle I have been trying to solve. But me, I'm content to take my time.