Woke at 3:45 for a necessary poem, because of what stirred under it. Wrote a poem about a man I have probably lapped beside for 30 years. Wouldn't you love to see it?

Then rested in bed for an hour, and rose for the rising sun, before most of the birds even woke up. They are in a late summer mode. Spring birds rise much sooner.

Then I made eggs and coffee and worked on my Koan Field Guide to My Body, a Memoir. This is the most collected feeling works I have ever made! I am so proud of it's success.

Koan Field Guide to My Body, a Memoir started as these lines of memoir I just had to write down years ago. Eventually, I had written ten lines out, each on separate small pages, then I illustrated the happy childhood memories. Then, I put them aside for years to settle.

Now I have gathered the strain of thought I meant for it, and honored that theme in what I think will be a masterpiece, maybe my best ever. :) But that might be enough gloating for one day!

Except I wanted to add that it all comes around to the lap pool in a magnificent, much needed conclusion that might save my life, or prolong it tremendously. Goals have been established this morn.