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Comment by maggiemargarethess Thu Oct 11 15:47:56 2018
I always appreciate your kind words about my poetry. Glad you approve of my use of Mom's head as a vehicle for creativity. :)
Comment by maggiemargarethess Tue Aug 7 02:00:35 2018
I love this poem! Especially the tadpoles swimming in Mom's head.
Comment by Anna Mon Aug 6 11:13:54 2018
Probably would have made my ramblings on the telephone more understandable if I had let you read this prior to talking!
Comment by maggiemargarethess Mon May 7 11:44:58 2018
I really enjoyed this one.
Comment by Anna Sun May 6 14:24:14 2018

You are one of the role model introverts I was referring to when I said successful introverts. I sometimes imagine excuses might be needed for me. Some people can just cancel, but you seem to create a life where that is ok, where I tend to be in school programs or at least feel excuses might be helpful. I think probably it is more optimal to just cancel things. Declare what you need for you. Let other people make do with realizing this just happens sometimes. I don't right now have a lot of things to cancel, so some of this talk seems like I am not the best to advise or conjecture, but looking ahead or back at other times, I can do. I think the firm truth is, if I am taking a personal day, it is in my best interest not to have to talk about it in complete detail at the moment of need with the person who I might be over thinking about.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, again!!

Comment by maggiemargarethess Sat Mar 31 22:57:35 2018
I take at least one mental health day per month. On average, I'd say it's about 2.5. I don't even try to give an excuse. I just cancel everything, find a good book, and stay home. And, yes, sometimes I feel guilty about it...but I feel guiltier if I push through on those days and end up growling at the cat and snarling at the husband then bursting into tears and requiring both cat and husband to put me back together.
Comment by Anna Sat Mar 31 22:29:33 2018
Yeah I think it is something that nearly everyone goes through, whether they talk about it or not.
Comment by maggiemargarethess Sat Mar 31 19:22:50 2018
That rings really true. So much about life is perception --- comparing the outside of others to the inside of ourselves.
Comment by Anna Sat Mar 31 12:27:39 2018