This morning Mom was in one of her orating modes, so I decided to start taking notes. I had her rewind a bit and go chronologically from age 17 when she started at Pembroke to 1973 when she met my father at age 30ish. (Born in 43.)

The part of her time-line that sung out to me were two conflicting layers.

One@ Age 25 she moved from New Bedford Massachusetts to NYC in pursuit of a boyfriend, though that was not what she might have said at the time, and also said her heart was with her "real friends" then.

Two@ Also in 1968 she remarked men were too dominating in the movements going on around her at the time, like the strike at Columbia. In terms of what is similar, men still dominate parts of movements, and there still are huge exceptions.

It is funny, for every part of her story, my story has a parallel. But she decided to get married to a man. I didn't.

I had this wonderful friend Scott who was an ecofeminist and a huge part of the mountain justice movement. All he really did was cook and read these feminist books, then he died way too young like before turning 40. Very sad.

I don't know if you were ever part of movements like any of these that me and my Mom tagged onto, which we always were generally just on the outskirts of the movements. Actually Mom broke the strike in the New York City Public School Teacher's Strike, and I was pretty anti-group in Mountain Justice most of the time.

If you have any reactions I would love to hear them.