You are making a remarkable effort this run. I see Flaccavento signs all over Washington and Scott counties. Griffith can be defeated. I hope!

It's been a while since I had emotional energy to invest in a political campaign, and I am sorry I neglected yours. I could have phone banked, and I do have a way of convincing people about political things. I'll help with your re-election!! You've got to win. We don't see eye to eye on guns and maybe one or two other things. But I just hadn't considered what is really happening with your election. I am in the process of dashing off a letter to the editor for you. The rest, I'm afraid you've got to do. So be reinvigorated knowing Tennesseans are relying on you at holding your head tight in the chopping block a little longer. You've stuck your neck out for anyone who cares about streams or health care. I'm praying people read through the BS and you are knocked over by the weight of their votes.

Please win.

Your Friend, Maggie Hess