Same, same. The flower begs for sun, the sun rises for the flower. Therapists listen to their patients - successful lunatics practice empathy. Relationships go round. Grey is every shade. That black is blacker than this black. Aqui esta la pina.
Alli es la pina. La pina es alta. In proximity oriented around me, crickets are nearby. Rhymes simmer under my first layer of thoughts. Sometimes they snag against me. Sometimes we meet minds like us. Sometimes we have a herd that walks beside us. Other times we stand solo. For a long time I had no close friends. Then there was Joy and learning a little about respect. What did Joy learn from a stunted porcupine? I grabbed onto some amazing caring concerned activists. I saw something beautiful in the fact that they wanted to make change. I wanted to make some of the same changes. I had some friends. I had a loose knit group to interact with sometimes. My activism was never constant so I was sometimes unsure about the friendships. I made friends with gray.
I didn't make friends with Dominion coal. I didn't make friends with George Dubya Bush. I didn't approve of the fact my land trust plastered the Dominion logo on a pamphlet. But the friends I made were homo sapiens. The were human. They were blended colors. And today I make a new friend I hope as other older friends grow wisdom hair. This all might sound random. But that's because that is what it is today.

If you don't like it, why did you read to the last line?