The miracle is here. I found a good therapist with an office very very near where I live. I allowed the great question of miracle therapy to open a door to me. I think I will go out the door, build a swinging bridge... to a world of dream vision quests to live and lead.
So I have been asking the question Elizabeth Vega asked when we went to Berea together. Does this mean I am on the verge of transformative growth? Likely. Vega went on to do some of the most amazing important work I have ever heard of anyone doing. And I am asking her question, of my own accord. I am so eager to know my answer, and to spread the question to help others grow. Then I go to my first therapy appointment and learn that this question asked as part of therapy is an actually technique called miracle therapy. Wowzers!

So what would you do if you could do anything in the world without limits?

I can't want to explore our answers!