Here is a link to my kickstarter project, which if I am funded, I will be able to proceed with the first printing of my upcoming children's book. But are the metaphorical girls in this picture really smiling full smiles yet? No. This is unfinished art. Let me explain further.

So I am going to feature at least 5 main concepts for the children's book, all of which are stirring in my head, and production will be possible for any of them. And I am going to let you - my reader - vote on which one you think is best.

Hojoki for Children is the second possible. I already have some of it's early version sketched out. What would I change? I had told this story from an Appalachian perspective in this edition. I think I would stick to Japanese in the polished final draft. Be sure to vote for the concept you like the best!

One way to do that is as a note after backing my kickstarter! :)

A whirlwind, earthquake, and fire in twelfth century Japan, and a man who disassembled his house, threw it in the river, and reassembled it downstream... many times, until he was left with Hojoki, a ten by ten foot hut he wrote about in his happy last years.