Only having gotten up to 251 dollars with 16 days left yesterday, it would have been humanly possible to launch the Kickstarter with success, but doubt was weighing a heavy stress upon me. I just got to a point of impatience, where I realized I could not endure the stress anymore. And I gave into it and took the Kickstarter down.

I am extremely glad I ran the first 2 weeks of the campaign, because it helped me clarify that I perceive a need for me to write and illustrate a children's book about Hojoki, and that I think the world needs that book more than anything! Where there is a will, there is a way, and now I know what I want to happen.

But it is a big disappointment to have had to take it down, and that I could not raise the funds needed for a sure first printing.

If you read this and didn't know I was making the book please comment if you decide you want one. Or if you are disappointed - fear not, just tell me and I will sell you the finished book - when it is complete.

Sorry I put you through this and thanks to the many people who did pledge.