I always have wondered about the science of dreaming. Psychology always seems for me to be hit and miss findings based on guess work. But if it gets the scientist to knowing what people are dreaming, that is pretty incredible.

Why do people shortly dwell in psychosis at night, floating around in an imaginary world, and then wake up to forget large parts of what happened in our dreams? By placing people in brain scanning machines, scientists have examined people as they dream. Four key regions of the brain, the visiospacial section, motor cortex, hypocampus, and deep emotional centers of the brain, are 40% more active than during waking hours, while other parts are virtually entirely suppressed, such as the part that governs ordered, rational thought.

Scientists became able to predict the nature of dreams, such as whether it was visual or predominately emotional. But then, 3 participants were placed in an REM scanner during the early stages of their sleep, and examined the results put next to participants reports of what they dreamed about. The scientists became able to predict the participants dreams based on learning how to interpret the MRI machine.

Of course the most incredible part is the answer to the query where do dreams come from?

Is dreaming necessary therapy for life?