When I went to college, I was over medicated.

Everyone else had writers block, as we were getting educated.

Not me, I had stream of creation.

Well lately I've been released of that, a humbling vindication.

All of my schooling in visual arts, happened in pre secondary.

So I took back up painting, but critics can be quite contrary.

It's like when I started in poetry, misspelling but you got what I was saying.

I'm a creative genius, but my smarty pants are never staying.

It's like that old adage about giving up, that just goes "give up, you suck."

And to top it I started writing for kids, and nothing rhymes with suck.

So children and kittens, I have a decree and I want you to listen.

When words don't come, think of me and how morning dew glistens.

There's nothing wrong with giving up, but I say keep on trying.

It's hard to switch careers, the competition's vying.

If you become an artist and suddenly there's nothing to say.

Be thankful for your mental health, and then go out to play.

In the course of playing, and pumping up your blood.

The words that were not staying, will run and grow like spuds.

Maybe you miss your crazy ideas, well reckon they still are in deep.

There are other ways to dredge up ideas, and promises to keep.