I dug deep into this question and thought about the unique thing that makes me me. The first ideas I came up with were not very deep. I came to gratitude early too, and though gratitude is a super purposeful venture, it is not what I am trying to burrow into today. These positive emotions like wonder or courage or gratitude are great to nourish. But today I want to think more about the most negative feeling we have because when I think hard - I realize it our suffering is what shapes us. We all suffer in different ways, whether you suffer most with an external issue like trying to provide income for a household, or if the majority of you suffering is internal such as feeling worried all the time. Maybe you don't know how to recognize your suffering, but if you look at yourself and think about the forest of your life story you might be able to see past the trees of this moment.

What makes me me is that I have been through what I have been through. Let your darkest moments nourish those roots.