I don't know why I have been having incredible dreams each morning about 5 AM, before my 6 o'clock waking, but it might be because I started taking my medicines in the morning at 6:05, not 10PM or so at night before sleeping. I mention that because humans are physiological beings, and medications alter our state. So where I had been at the lowest dose of medicine just before 10PM, now I am at the lowest amount of medicine in me just before I wake, in that time of sleep when my dreams are so wild and real.

In the dreams I have been meeting and knowing people I have not met and do not know in this world. Maybe this sends shivers down your spine, but me? It makes me so happy. There are connections, good beautiful meaningful connections in this world where I go. I am glad that the world is out there. Maybe that is where my soul mate has been keeping. And maybe the space and time will arrange themselves so that we can find one another here on Earth. All of these wonderful, interesting, unique, distinct people with whom I have been enjoying time in the early mornings before waking.