Plants perceive, plants know, plants have great intellect. Today I began providing temporary harbor to about 20 fugitive plants, thirsty, needing care, though well beloved. A neighbor is being asked to move and needed a place with a more permanent yard. I can't imagine how he is finding energy to do all that I have seen this neighbor do, from digging up all of his yard plants, to biking where he has gone. He has been working for a landscaping business from time to time and picks up otherwise forgotten trace remains of stems without leaves or roots, and nurses them miraculously back to life. It really is incredible. So when I took in these 20 undocumented plants resting and waiting in my lawn, I watered them moderately, and my Mother says they reacted happily. Right now, I am praying these thunderstorms that could possibly happen tomorrow, happen. Plants give and receive simultaneously. So in intellect and generosity, plants are just like everybody else.

The neighbor with the plants, I gave him a bike. It wasn't even mine, I was given the right to give my brother's old bike away. But seeing my neighbor glide over the street and hearing him ding the bell brought me some joy. I think that is how all gifts are. True gifts are equally given and received, in a manner that magnifies the benevolence. I am so happy now to be more aware of the plant world. It makes me think about the growing need for rain and equilibrium, as this is what plants need. They also are just really pretty and unique plants. I am glad to hold onto them for a while.