When the brakes broke, Mom wondered if she would need to cancel her doctor's appointment 30 minutes across town, but I assured here she could take the bus. I had told her about the bus possibility, and what she would need to do to go that way, but as the hour neared in our mental window, I decided to not make her go alone her first time riding the bus (in my memory at least.)

We decided to walk downtown to the bus stop, though we could have caught a ride in front of our home about the same starting time and still arrived on time. As we meandered down State Street, we did our best at identifying the new trees that line the side walk. Easier said than done for some, but we counted 3 ginkgoes to replace the three the city chopped down.

Some of our homeless friends seem missing. We wonder where they are. Have they magically found places to live? Were they exiled elsewhere, inner city refugees?

At the station we got a more up to date map for our keeps. So the Mall is now the Pinnacle and Cabella and Kmart is now another Walmart?

On the ride over to Mom's appointment near the hospital, Mom was cheery, commenting that the bus might be cheaper than driving for this particular route. (The Virginia side is an exorbitant extra 30 cents, for seniors and disabled people for a similar trip.)

Just before going homeward, Mom had a sad thing happen where removing a terribly sticky band aid gave her a bruise. Also all we had eaten were awfully stale walnuts

I kind of want to just use the bus instead of car for most things. But Mom did get tired.