The spirit of life crawls into a peach - by accident;

the poet pushes hard on her pen but a song trills out instead;

the hit man hiding in the alley knifes the disguised king by mistake;

the thumb of an old man grows on a gnarled branch.

Goddess dances in Cancun tonight, high on the high tide of love;

Zeus was to fill in at the wheel of fate checked into an old folks home;

therapist ask why;

while the first vagabond with the shopping cart takes command.

This is the sermon on the desk top:

don't listen to anyone - me especially.

Make your own decisions!

Teachers know less than students - forgetting they don't know.

Soon this world will be owned by a chaos of insects.

What horrors will come before who knows?

Can you harness a single memory of gladness?

Why waste a day reading poems?