The truth about me is, I applied to Children's program on a whim after already having submitted to the adult program. I always kinda wondered if I could be a Children's book creator - but I wondered it in the back of my mind. It sounds unflattering or conceited, but the application process took about an hour because I just used old stuff I had saved.

In between my acceptance a year ago and now, I have started painting and writing a lot more geared towards children. I started off thinking something along the lines of "If there is a chance I am going into that program I'd better actually do this!" So I started painting more and adding more painting in my life partially because I had an acceptance strangely and quite accidentally into a great and notable, beautiful, honorable, university.

So there was this imaginary line of distinction where my artwork and some writing began being generated because of inspiration not pressure to go forward with a MFA degree of higher learning. Eventually my self motivation would become like a freight train, as it is with poetry writing, which always was intended for adults.

This morning I woke up and started looking back at some of my vast files of poems, 37 of which have been published. Line by line I went through about 50 poems and put them in 2 piles: children likable, and not. So mentally, I am starting to do this work of the children's program, even though initially I had intended to be in the Creative Writing program.

So this is the month I submitted 400 dollars to Hollins University.