I am glad we took a picture

in 2001 of the biological reserve casa

where Anna and I had hiked

so far down hill from the Monteverde

cloud forest reserve

but so many things were not in that picture.

When we got to the bottom of the mountain

and found ourselves in the Penas Blancas valley

Anna went to draw some rare plant

and I told her I would be right back

then I skinny dipped in that clear river

unaware and brazen

in the face of 500 foot waterfalls.

So I returned to the hut shouting to Anna

"hey I went skinny dipping and it was wonderf..."

before I noticed a bunch of Tico forest workers

who laughed so hard at me saying

in Spanish that ended in piranhas.

The thing is, in this world of possible nuclear annihilation, I really would prefer to choose ignorant bliss, like I did in Costa Rica, so long ago.