Dear Editor,

My own editors tell me I seem alarmist when I talk about climate change, so I forewarn you the genre is science fiction. The point is to keep it out of reality.

I love to swim at the YMCA. I swim in the pool in Bristol and have for 30 years, lapped next to the same general folks, some of whom I wonder who they are. How sad it would be, with the privatization of water, with the corporation fo water, if the pool had to be used to clean things or purified to drink. You might site the TVA dams and promise me this will not happen, but there is this thing called cost that comes with water. We won't need to Use the pool if water continues being relatively cheap, but we will Have to Use it if it skyrockets to 200 dollars a barrel.

What can we do to keep my fiction out of your reality? Personally, I invested in a rain barrel just in case. I am using it for grey water, which is non-potable water uses.

Our little neck of the woods might prove to be a sanctuary for some, as the tides rise, and as food grows less and less cheap. On the map of climate change, we seem to be safe in numerous scenarios, but the poor will always fight for our basic needs, and as more and more suffer, more and more people will be poor everywhere.

Editors ask me to write less alarmist, but I have found my voice.