I love my Royal typewriter, sold by Langley Shazor of Bristol VA. I am using her for a project that if I succeed, you'll never see. I bought her for the soul purpose of being able to type up a diary of completely private thoughts. Sure, I might air these thoughts later talking or writing a letter or in my blog. But it is not often to find myself with a new means of writing other than pen and computer typing. Maybe someone will publish my type written diary entries after my death, but maybe they won't. It will be all the same to me. The point is not eventual publication but the processing of thoughts, contemplation, writing therapy. I think there is something to having a spot for private thoughts. My blog is pretty much a proverbial open book, but there is no real purely open book. Privacy exists inevitably in this world, somewhere. But thoughts that just stay in my mind cannot grow and evolve. And as much as I love a paper diary, this typewriter is a new form of writing. Using this typewriter as a diary is just what I have decided to do with it. So wish me luck. And with incredible gratuity, Langley Shazor offers these typewriters for people to purchase, on lifetime warranty, and if they brake he fixes them for free. I looked up the value of mine, and was impressed with the deal I got, and the full servicing promise. I trust Langley Shazor and I just wanted to say a good word on his behalf.