Wren suggested a website for me: https://taramandala.org/about-kapala-training/the-process/

I am eating The Process website piece by piece like the beginning of a candy addiction for a young child who has never before had sugar or chocolate, but gets them both together this Easter season.

So I am savoring it very slowly and have just read the first bit, but I am coming back to often, to read another sentence or section. Amazing!

The most interesting thing I ever read was also about demons. I think it was in a book by Tara Brach but I never relocated it.

I once had this vivid dream that there was a demon standing over my head, a gnarly little black man. I screamed and my Mom actually came in, turned on the light and woke me up, and the man was not there.

I then eventually would read this thing about how in some other ethnic tradition we all have four demons who watch over us and protect us. I loved the turn in that, thinking that my little black man might have been fending off enemies.

I love incorporating The Process in these thoughts I have on demons.