Endurance impresses me. Teamsters and train conductors, drivers of all kinds. Here's to those who press on in the night, who carry on night and day, who persist regardless of how they feel, ignoring their inner resistance, working to bring home a necessary paycheck that their families need.

When I work I push too hard. I focus every ounce of energy on the task at hand. Sometimes I'm transcribing, so fixed on the project nothing can distract me. Or when I was a professional cleaner, I pushed so hard my back ached after an hour. I am determined but my endurance is not that of a driver, I find. I use up all my energy in the first week in so many new jobs. I try too hard. I have a legally observed disability, and part of it is that.

If you have to work the night shift on the railroad, goodness bless your soul. But if you are like me and you can't handle a 15 hour shift, and especially if you already have another source of livelihood and almost can squeak through a sustenance, you maybe should not work, and you definitely should try to quit trying so hard. At least that is what I am trying to tell myself. I have needed so much rest these past few days, since the 15 hour shift and quitting. I am glad to give myself this time.

In the meantime, my best friend, Brazen, my pup, landed hard on some chard of glass, chasing a cat, and split her paw pad open. It impaled an artery, and I rushed her to the vet within the hour. The vet made it sound almost like she wouldn't have survived if I hadn't have done that. Immediately Brazen went into surgery, which the vet said almost required amputation. Now she has to wear an e collar, one of those head cone things, so she doesn't chew up the bandage when we aren't looking.

To top all of it, in her effort, walking to use the bathroom, using her 3 good paws poor Brazen seems to have hurt her other front ankle just this morning. I am babying her. When she got home, I wanted her to drink, and only encouraged her to sip out of my hand. Now it has progressed to me hand feeding her every bite she has had, and kneeling before her with a little bowl of water too. I am glad to baby her. But I am worrying just a little about that other front paw that seems sprained.

As I told the vet, she is the most important living creature in my life and the best pet I ever have had. I am praying she heals up soon, and I hope everyone can send her a loving feeling.

Brazen turns 7 on October 1.