I admit I have chosen to submit my manuscripts sometimes at the expense of important things like rent or food. My monthly budget is 741 dollars which is already at the poverty level for this region of the United States. The objective of having a full manuscript of poems published by a noteworthy publishing house is more difficult when the Poet is poor. Period. End of story.

Sure you can just submit to chapbook contests that have no submission fee, but when you do that you are limiting your options by 90%. Just being seen by publishers is something that takes money. Due to the cost of submittable, the new submissions manager used by more and more publishers and writers, some magazines even charge general submission fees around three dollars. I never submit to them, but that's lowering my chances.

Between the years 2006 (my first college class in poetry) and 2016, I was recognized with the publication of 20 poems in journals and magazines such as Friends Journal, Tule, Alehouse, Postcard Poems and Prose, and Blue Fifth Review. This year that number has shot up to 35 poems. I also already received an Honorable Mention by Ron Rash for the Wild Leak Poetry Contest. I know that some day I will have a chapbook of my poetry published by one of these recognized publishing houses.

So onward! I am pursuing in poetry whether or not it is what is best for me. Maybe someday I will regret pouring so much of my life into poetry. Surfing was always a hobby I kind of wished I had pursued.

The world certainly is not fair to low income poets or publishers for that matter.