...born in some Eastern city

hither to yon, with plums growing

even though it was winter

those plum blossoms snowing.

...born with a wealth

a silver spoon

New Englander

a healthy loon.

...why oh why

is everything free

asked the frosty transplanted

New England plum tree?

...she looked around her

a Siddhartha lady

and decided to resettle

and earn her own pay day.

...over forty years

she worked and she earned

raising five kids and many others

and riding wheels that turned.

...her kids grew up

and most moved far away

(except for a daughter poet

with a disability.)

"...by the skin of my teeth

I bought each car.

And now my teeth have bout run out

and my ride won't go far."

...when the transmission

about dies

hills become

increased in size.

...she's worked so hard

caring for all the others

it's a song so often sung

about tireless mothers.

...as good as he was,

the father moved South

and Momma almost lost all hope

for the freedom of driving about.

...until the rest of her family (including the Dad)

in an act of generosity

pulled together efforts

and bought her a Suzuki.

...her family knew

an economy

that she had put more into than any of them -

an economy of generosity.

...now imagine a world

where Trump



...for scientist know


really is a controlled hallucination

at best.

...in other words as New Aged as it sounds

to a certain degree

we create our own


...and even if

you don't agree

I'd better quit writing

for simplicity.