I was hanging out with Megan and Erek and their children today, getting ready to play another game of chess with Gabel. Megan found a piece of Gabel's homework on the floor and was explaining to Gabel why he might have been more effective if he had used the word "but" instead of "so" in something he had written for school.

Megan asked me if I agreed with her assessment of the homework, and I just basically nodded. There was a whirlwind of UNO and toddlers too, so I didn't get the presence of mind to mention my deeper opinion. Funny thing is though I actually do have a kind of story to tell on the subject.

Gabel seemed more interested in chess and after school activities and just obligingly answered the question. It reminds me of any people studying, really, even college.

When I started in college, though, I had a different kind of promise to myself. I decided to trick the system and actually enjoy answering the homework questions. Basically it worked.

I committed myself to writing all of my essays with genuine passion for the subject, and though I got burnt out at the end, and didn't have passion for a couple things, the goal was mostly a success.

Finding passion in homework is pretty easy when you have an open mind. I know someone like Gabel has the capacity for it, and so I wish I had told him that instead of shrugging.