That was before.

That was before rocks weighed down Woolf under the river.

Night blasting over Europe.

Bodies melting in Auschwitz.

Books were burned in her library.

So she learned to lie.

I am with the Germans, she lied.

I am one of them, she lied.

This man is my husband, she grasped for her dignity.

Her books were burning.

Poetry was banned.

Children were murdered for not being able to walk.

Children were murdered for their parent's religion.

Babies too.

Take off your shoes, step in.

She was glad she had read the Book of Lies.

She saw a little Jewish girl in the street.

The generals went down the line.

Asking to see these children's lies.

If they refused, blasts went off.

The girl was too far off.

The girl did not know how to lie.

She died then and there, shoes on.

Three bullets in her side.