I was writing to my Friend, Pat, who used to attend the same Quaker Meeting as I went to in college. I said to her "I need to be there for myself as a Friend sometime" then added "like tonight".

Some people say they are intimidated by the idea of becoming Quakers, like Quakers might hold them to a higher level than they would hold themselves.

Personally I don't know a lot of Quakers in the Tricities. Not people who want to worship this way. I have been going to a fantastic meditation group and getting a ton out of it.

I do not have a regular meditation practice in my life. I need one, and I hope that this is my first day of a real pattern of new honoring of self. But all I can be sure of is this moment.

Tonight I plan to pray, off computer, off phone. I will have the my eyes open to the world some so I know what time it is. I will be with myself an hour. I will be there for myself as a Friend for one hour tonight.

I invite you to be there for you too. And we will go forward from there.