Wren was the one who put the bee in my bonnet to love that which hurts me, even if it is a component of my own mind that seems to rest in hardness, find sanctuary in suffering.

Thing is, that brings something up for me. I tend to be specific and want definitions of terms. Well what is it to love? I ask.

I mean how do you love? I suppose we do what comes natural to us. For me, children and babies are the easiest people to love in the world. So cradle the self hatred in your arms as you would a child and you will be loving the hatred. True. But what are other ways to love?

Thinking can be loving. Like my mother is notorious for caring about suffering of others in terms of national and international news. It drives me crazy, because I am in a nonjudgement phase. I am in a phase that doesn't want to see black or white, and to instead just see gray shades.

Love can be looking out for others, their emotions, and in turn, looking in for yourself.

It is an interesting question that I am just beginning to think over.

I swam my third mile this week, well three consecutive days. I swam the third one moments ago, hair still wet.

I would love comments from authorities on love, people who don't know how to love, or professional trainers, or any combination of those.