I have been setting firm limits about how much I can do for our hospitalized friend. I was there by bus 2 hours both today and yesterday. That includes 2 hours per day of bus transit too, so 4 hours of energy per day. It is hard work to care for others and I want to, but I really only am so good at it before needing to take better care of myself again.

This show I am watching, Life Sentence, that I recommend is about a cancer survivor who started thereafter volunteering in the same hospital. I am not completely certain that I recommend it because the main character is not entirely mentally monogamous and it bothers me in the context of the show, even though I think her decision is going to be not to. But what that line of thought reminds me is I spent a whole long month in a hospital, and A they suck and B I would volunteer there more because I really do care but C hospitals just suck.

Meanwhile, I got a job interview that I finally decided to turn down due to the fact that it is in another town. Maybe I am finally learning how to STAY.