I always have felt there is something silly about a mnemonic I hear a lot of Quakers refer to as "the Quaker testimonies." Simplicity Peace Integrity Community Equality and Sustainability. I like these words and I think generally it is good for people to pursue them in their way. I have noticed that some Friends are quite focused on these words in a way that seems geared at making the world a better place. I am glad for that and for these Friends. But also, I am glad for Quakers who might just go to Meeting for silence or consider themselves Friends "outside the Meetinghouse" in smaller things.

So I would have written this for Friends Journal, but it is a bit too irreverent. I think what I want to do is to make fun of the SPICES with my own SELFISH mnemonic.

Selfcare. I don't know about other Friends, but I am deeply committed to the Quaker testimony of self care. I say that as a borderline joke. But I also am deeply committed to selfcare. I just am. Ephemoral. All friends die and change every day. Laughing.
Introspecting. Silent. Hearts.

This entry is not half hearted, but is more like half minded. Unfinished thoughts. Mostly a joke to begin with. Interested if anyone posts a reply.