I AM MAGGIE SHAMAN GIRL HEAR ME NOW I AM HEALED TODAY IT HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY ... i want to shout to the world i am not sick anymore but pharmaceuticals still lock my door PART OF MY LIFE HAS BEEN REELING DOCTORS WHO DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND HEALING WHO DON'T COMPREHEND HOW THE BRAIN EVEN WORKS AND JUST TRY TO PACIFY ME FROM BEING BERSERKS maybe i need ayahuasca or to drink lithium water what is wrong with me i asked the catalpa tree NOTHING IS WRONG MY GIRL SANG THE CATALPA BURL HUG YOURSELF AND KNOW YOUR START HEAR YOUR ROOTS AND LEAFY PARTS maybe my catalpa tree was right my path to peace was still going i wondered as i walked upon the path that night in tennessee where it was snowing TIME PASSED ON I FOUND SUCH PEACE AND HAPPINESS NO MORE TROUBLED BY MENTAL DISEASE or so i thought but i could not help but wonder if the stillness would also pass like thunder THINGS HAPPENED TO UPSET MY DAYS MY DOG GOT BIT ANOTHER PERSON WAS A JERK YET I RETAINED A PEACEFULNESS i can wonder what is the source of my inner calm is it these medicines i take either way it is not fake ... WHEN I REALIZE ALL THE CRAZIES COULD BE SHAMANS THEN I FEEL A LITTLE LAZY slowly my family members ask for ears i listen hard to them talking about their lives FIRST MY MOTHER TELLING ME ABOUT HER TROUBLES THEN MY SISTER, AND MY OWN PAPA now i know that healing others can be ask simple as what i already offer