My sister Anna responded to my blog about cognitive detriments. She wrote she "wanted to let you know that cognitive issues tend to run hand-in-hand with stress for me. The "Hess memory" only gets really bad if I'm worried/tired/etc. So it's not necessarily a linear path --- cognitive inclines can happen as well as declines." It reminded me that I am the same person who is also a lot more capable than a lot of people too, in addition to being more incapable at times.

The more I think about it, if there was something I could do that brought out my capabilities more, that would be the main goal of my life. But then I realized that swimming already is something that I have done that boosts my capacities when I do it. For whatever reason, swimming is what I need to harness my super powers. So I'm resolving to start swimming as much as I can.

Tho, I am not conclusive that the "Hess memory" is just Hesses. It might be the human condition.