Tobin Swimming

Some say seven dog years are held inside a human year.

Maybe they travel seven times as far.

Tobin is 15 years old and he is very old.

But Tobin still has his puppy brain.

Every day he lifts his body up in the morning with such effort.

But then back in the house he must feel the music in his feet.

He taps his paws a certain beat, every morning Tobin dances.

Round the kitchen table.

He takes the biscuit we offer, throws it up into the air, and catches it with a grin.

He laughs in the face of old age!

He doesn’t have to suffer, no, not all the time.

And some of the time he feels his oats more than the rest of us.

And not just dancing.

Sometimes Tobin wanders away into the distance.

Mom says he goes down to the lingerie store down town.

He might stop on his way home to grab a few discarded pizza crusts.

Or to roll awful! Ew!

He thinks awful smells quite pleasant.

So he comes home smelling like the awful and if we aren’t careful I goes and rolls on my bed.

We take him on walks in the beautiful country side.

Strolling along on this path by a creek marked by white water and waterfalls.

We get caught up in whimsical thoughts about the smells.

Our little dog Brazen is poking her head inside some drain pipe.

Tobin has found his sunny spot in a deep hole in the water.

Round and around he is swimming.